David Pilbeam F.Inst.Pa

Freelance Accredited Police Station Representative Isle of Wight

Solicitors Agent for client instructions or representation at HMP Isle of Wight.

Voluntary interviews under caution.

Identification parade attendance.

Home Office production orders. 

Parole dossiers, POCA instructions, document service. 

Representation at licensing or DWP interviews under caution.

Publicly funded or private work undertaken.

Based at Newport on the Isle of Wight

Telephone or text: 07827 293 576

Email: david@knightslegalservices.com

About Us

Knights Legal Services Ltd was formed by David Pilbeam in January 2011.

Formerly a Detective Sergeant, David is now an experienced freelance accredited Police Station Representative covering duty Solicitor commitments and own client cases at the Police Station and HMP Isle of Wight. Also acts as Solicitor's Agent for client instructions at HMP Isle of Wight, for crime, appeals, POCA, prison law and family matters. 

David can also take statements and serve documents.

David has 30 years experience of police station, HM Prison suspect and witness interviews across both sides of the table. He is an accredited Tier 5 interview advisor/manager and accredited national investigator.

David is a Qualified Paralegal and a Fellow of the Institute of Paralegals.

ICO registered.

LSC and CLSA registered.

Private instructions undertaken.

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| 07827 293 576